For Elastico Disegno design is science-fiction rather than just a science.

It's a balance between form and function, it's innovation and realism, it means jumping forward keeping in mind what's behind.

Elastico Disegno is precisely that, "Elastic" in its approach to design and architecture, and elastic in its approach to customers, manufacturers and end-users.

Elasticity means flexibility, and ensures that networking tensions are always kept to a minimum. 

Elasticity means security: think of the net below the trapeze artist. 

Elasticity means strength: think of David and Goliath.

We frequently see ourselves as trampoline artists. Our job is to keep our balance when everything around us is in a state of elasticity. To fly high you must keep calm, start and finish with your feet on the ground. 

Design requires practical skills: it's fine bouncing ideas around, ours stand up to the test of reality too.

When a business faces a specific challenge and needs to take a look not only at the products and services but also at the business model to see what can be tweaked, E L A S T I C O DISEGNO 's cross-industry experience can catalyze the opportunity spaces and the yet unmet consumer needs creating a strong business case for a defined design direction.

Using design research methods and tools at an early stage in the project helps to identify the real problem to be solved, thus streamlining the whole innovation process.

We help companies find new market opportunities by focusing on their strengths and by defining the product or product category that allow them to take the maximum advantage of these opportunities.