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L'Aquila (AQ)


The project for the new House of Provincia of L'Aquila extremes the goal of pedestrianize the center of the city and to enhance the historical pre-existing of the Palazzo del Governo and the perception of the Church of St. Agostino's apse. The will to create public spaces of connection between this part of the block, the Government Palace (level 0.00) and the back of the Church (level -1.30), prompted us to study the construction of a large square, which becomes a covered loggia slipping under the building. Developed on two levels, the square cuts horizontally the building of the Province, only formally separating the lobby floor at level -4.50 from the office floors that start at level +3.30. A large cylinder of glass, that physically connect the various floors through the stairwell and elevator shafts contained within it, allows us to perceive, from outer space of the square, life inside the lobby and the activity of the upper floors: at night it becomes a lantern light through which you can illuminate much of the loggia. From the point of view of materials , the facades are composed by a pattern of  travertine and glass: the different colors of the stones are integrated with the windows, lightly browned and reflective. The simultaneous reflection of sky and stone generate an ambiguous game of solidity and evanescence.


client: Provincia dell'Aquila

size: 7300 mq

project design: ELASTICOSPA+3

team: Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio, Corrado Curti, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Serena Nano, Monica Ierace, Marco Burigana, Luca Infanti, Stefano De Pippo, Marco Bertelli, Alessandro Bilucaglia




Milano (MI)


The pavilion N9 will host some of the partners of EXPO MILANO 2015, its functions will be representative, product display, catering for clients during negotiations and  B to B meetings. 

It's located near the East Access, in an area of 1270 mq, for a development of three floors above ground. Rated wisely the required program, we thought about a building which can create an imaginary close to the general concept of the expo. We have therefore given up the idea of a big volume compact and monumental trying to produce human-scale spaces, which can become interesting through signs, materials and forms that, although familiar, would create an aura and gave special sensations both to the users and the visitors.

The idea behind the project is to create two completely separate volumes, one on the ground floor and the other on the second floor, leaving a free “air” floor rich in vagetation. Both built volumes, will aim to create a sense of transparency or leaving to see a glimpse of the wooden structure that is the real star of the architecture of this pavilion.

The antenna and its space of respect have become organizing elements of the outdoor areas. Along the south side in fact, a surface texture of the volume of the ground floor will connect the pedestrian route to the east of the lot with the square of access to the pavilion and consequently with the hortus nearby.

The vertical connection between floors will be guaranteed by an impressive full-height space occupied by a perspective scale: this is the only true monumental space, from which you will perceive the entire section of the building. 


client EXPO 2015 s.p.a.

size 1270 mq

project design ELASTICOSPA + 3

team Stefano Pujatti, Alberto del Maschio, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Serena Nano, Marco Burigana

structural design Corrado Curti

electrical & mechanical Luca Infanti

Vema School



XX  Venice Biennale of Architecture


To imagine a new city we looked at the city we know and staged their future.

The urbanization has spread all over the planet and continues to grow but, while cities have different and contradictory shapes, the urban expansions have low density as a constant. The result is a use of land never seen before.

The changing urban form reflects changes in the processes of space production: residential construction for some time, in Italy, is the prerogative of private investors, the only interest is profit maximization, public initiative resists only in infrastructures and basic services.

Because of these considerations, to imagine an important role for architecture and design in re-define living spaces can only appear illusory . We believe instead we should work on the service infrastructures to the city and make them as the tools to give back shape, direction and density to the desolate landscapes (increasingly frayed and stretched) along streets and highways.

Thus, the school complex of Vema is designed as a geological movement that shapes the landscape and defines relationship, interaction and information spaces. On it, like on a hill, the litany of speculation can go on.



project design: ELASTICOSPA + 3

team: Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio, Marco Burigana, Corrado Curti, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Elena Ferraris

contribution: Valentino Marengo



Private Houses

San Quirino (PN)



client: private

size: 120 mq

project design: ELASTICOSPA + 3

team: Stefano Pujatti, Alberto del Maschio, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Marco Burigana, Andrea Rosada, Serena Nano

structural design: Ing. Colonnello

plant consultant: Proj-system

building contractor:  Bedin e Arrigò 

photographs: Mattia Balsamini


Reale Mutua





To imagine a new entrance hall for Reale Mutua Assicurazioni is an opportunity to weave a dialogue together with one of the iconic buildings of the modernism in Turin. The original project by the architect Melis reflected inside the monumentality of the exterior: the space had a compression at the entrance, and then expanded into a double height hall. After recent interventions the noble aspect of the hall is lost, in favor of a better utilization of the spaces. 

The aim of our project is to recover the original spatial features: the new hall will thus become a "shifted down" reinterpretation of the original design. The new entrance will overlook the  double height void, with a continuous balcony from which will develop the new staircase and a waiting area suspended in this space.  Meeting rooms and sevices will be built below the balcony in a private location. The hall, free from every functional element, will take a representative character, emphasized by the plastic treatment of the columns, covered with thin skins of colored glass slabs, molded in slim shapes.



client: Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

size: 680 m2

project design: ELASTICOSPA

team: Stefano Pujatti, Corrado Curti, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Serena Nano