2016-2020_ FARM BUILDING

New stud farm and horse rehabilitation center

 Aveacco (UD)

Photographs: Donato Riccesi

BELLAVISTA is a farm involved in the breeding and taking care of sport horses.
ELASTICOFarm has been involved in all phases of the development of this new project dealing with all architectural, landscape and environmental aspects. The design of this new facility was born from the desire to fit it into the landscape in a non-mimetic way, making the new structures appear as accents and comments of an already rich text.

The firm’s experience in implementing projects in the world of horses has enabled a successful dialogue between clients and architects. This has led to the definition of customized spaces and ad hoc solutions for the specific needs of a company that offers services of excellence to the world of breeding, training and health caring of sport horses that compete at international levels.

Starting from the site choices, up to the definition of the specific details of the labs, saddlery stables and reception areas ELASTICOFarm has consistently followed the design and the construction phasesin order to achieve the goals defined with the client during the planning phase of the intervention.
The project settles into the hilly landscape and defines its presence through the metal roof pitches that cut through the landscape like blades of light. A series of functional spaces are located underneath these structures. Only as we get closer to those buildings we begin to perceive the materials and color choices which are able to define a more intimate relationship with the green fields.

The metal of the structural frames, colored concrete slabs and the larch wood pannels create an environment in which human and non-human guests can be comfortable. The welfare of the horses is at the heart of every choice regarding the spaces dedicated to them, but operators and veterinarians are also provided with spaces that are both functional and welcoming. A specific, more domestic and familiar area serves as a clubhouse for visitors and guests of the facility.

Project design: ELASTICOFarm


Client: Bellavista Simple Agricultural Society

Size: 33 ha

Progress: Built