ELASTICOFarm is an architecture and industrial design firm that conveys the physical energies of the places and the mental vision of the players to build spaces and objects for a better future. It is ELASTICO because it is open to the constant mutation of our world refusing the rigidity of dogmas and the fear of taboos. It is a Farm because every project (as a living creature) has in itself some unpredictable aspects that needs to be managed during its growth. ELASTICOFarm research focuses on the relation between the forces of nature and built environment. Tides, climate and seismic movements as well as economics and politics are considered as shaping energies contributing in a relevant way to the design process.


For ELASTICOFarm every project is the occasion to carry on an existing line of research or to start a new one. A tested methodology in the research and experimentation has brought to consistent results and led to buildings which are genetically similar but different in size, shape and typology.


ELASTICOFarm uses design as a device to create a relationship with the context, be it physical and therefore natural and artificial, or mental and therefore connected to the culture, the lifestyle and the dreams of the customers.


ELASTICOFarm sees the structural part of the building as a design opportunity. Structural design is not left to the engineers; it becomes part of an holistic vision of the project on which every decision influences the final form and content of the building.


For ELASTICOFarm materials are the mean through which architecture form establishes a relationship with the physical world. Materials play a role in the design from the very beginning and they are chosen for their performative as well as for their expressive qualities. There is always the possibility of finding something new in any material. 

ELASTICOFarm believes that using a material in a new way is equivalent to inventing a new material. Using local material in a different way ELASTICOFarm fosters a sustainable approach to the project.


ELASTICOFarm adapts to the project and the quality of the result is its priority. Each customer requires a different approach philosophy. Flexibility of thinking requires compliance with the requirements to make the products, keeping the process under control as regards customer needs, expected results and costs.


ELASTICOFarm conceives every project as a mean to influence and revive the context in which the office is operating, strengthening its positive and peculiar features. ELASTICOFarm is able to develop and coordinate architectural design at every scale and phase, through the combination of its peculiar formal investigation, with the building experience gained in 25 years in this business. ELASTICOFarm has been working on the design of new buildings as well as on the rehabilitation of old structures. ELASTICOFarm believes in architecture as a mean to address the many new tasks of our time. Research as a mental attitude, provides the ability to imagine and test solutions without formal or aesthetic bias. ELASTICOFarm’s works have been published in books and magazine in different countries. It has been shown in several national and international exhibitions including three editions of the Architecture Biennale in Venice (2006 – 2010 – 2014 – 2021), the Architecture Biennale of Brasilia in 2006, the London Festival of Architecture in 2008 and the monographic exhibition “Form Matters” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto in 2015. In 2013 the hotel 1301INN Slow Horse was selected as finalist at the Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture and was the winner of The Plan Award 2015. In 2017 Maison Glace’  project, a private house in Toronto was awarded with the ARCHMARATHON prize for the visioning category in Miami (USA). In 2019 Stoned, a residential building in the North-Eastern part of Italy, have been nominated at the Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture. In 2020  House of Cards have been nominated at Premio Italiano di Architettura. In 2021 House of Cards and Le batiment descendant l’escalier was selected at the Premio Italiano di Architettura and in 2022 at Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture.In 2008 the monograph “Rare architecture” was published by Maggioli, in 2019 ELASTICOFarm was the guest editor of an issue of the IQD magazine whose title is “I don’t know”.