ELASTICOFarm is an office of Architecture  by Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio in 2005, based in Chieri (TO), Budoia (PN) and Toronto (Canada). ARCHITECTURE  section is directed by the architect Stefano Pujatti, who manages the offices of Chieri and Toronto, and by the architect Alberto Del Maschio who manages Budoia office.  A six person team is in charge of the development of the projects, from the concept to the construction phase. During the development of the projects the different teams have a regular confrontation with architect Pujatti, while the referent for the executive and technical parts is the architect Del Maschio. Besides this there is also a group of junior architects supporting the design phases producing drawings and study models. ELASTICOFarm has also been consulting a group of professionals for a long time, able to offer services in every field of design such as urban planners, landscapers, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers, lighting designers and acoustic engineers. In the management of each commission, ELASTICOFarm acts as a point of reference for the project, reducing the efforts of the client, who is regularly and systematically updated on the progress of the work. ELASTICOFarm manages through its offices or through third parties all the activities related to administrative and authorization procedures. ELASTICOFarm controls every stage in the process that leads an idea to become a building, a space or a product so that it can always assess the feasibility and compliance of the project with the limits imposed by the client. This allows you to evaluate and adapt the technical solutions and details in order to reach the goal set respecting time and costs. In the engeneerization phase ELASTICOFarm is able to offer assistance for the selction of suppliers and contractors to obtain optimal results while remaining within the costs. ELASTICOFarm’s works have been published in books and magazine in different countries. It has been shown in several national and international exhibitions including three editions of the Venice Architecture Bienniale (2006 -2010 -2014), the Brasilia Architecture Bienniale in 2006, the London Festival of Architecture in 2008 and the monographic exhibition “Form Matters” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto in 2015. In 2013 the hotel 1301INN Slow Horse was selected as finalist at the Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture and was the winner of The Plan Award 2015. In 2017 Maison Glacé project, a private house in Toronto, was awarded with the ARCHMARATHON prize for the visioning category in Miami (USA); in 2019 Stoned, a residential building in the North-Eastern part of Italy, has been nominated at the Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture as well as Houses of Cards project, two single family houses near Turin, has been nominated for 2022. 

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Stefano Pujatti

Founder & CEO
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Alberto Del Maschio

valeria BN

Valeria Brero

Senior Architect
daniele 2BN

Daniele Almondo

Senior Architect

Andrea Rosada

Senior Architect
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Serena Nano

Senior Architect

Marco Burigana

Senior Architect
simone bn

Simone Zambon


Alessandro Signori


Cecilia Carena


Carlotta Cremonini

Junior Architect
Fabio BN

Fabio Gazzola

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Andrea Raselli

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Gabriele Porporato


Pietro Mellano

Temporaneo 1


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