2001-2005_ PRIVATE HOUSE

Luxury villa inside an important private park


Photographs: Pino Dell’Aquila

The project aimed to respect the existing nature and contents of the site whilst reflecting the requirements and cultural background of the client. The multiplicity of the themes involved is reflected in the various parts that make up the finished work, forming a sort of collage of overlapping layers. The house opens westwards onto the garden. In fact, it becomes an integral part of that external space thanks to the body housing the living-room, which arises energetically from the ground and gives clear and faceful definition to the area of the main entrance. To the east, the house works more smoothly to estabilish relations with its surroundings; the architectural language now allows more room for decoration and the modulation of surfaces. The scale of both the building and the window/door openings is reduced; this makes for a more domestic effect, linking the structure with the original core building and the other structures built on the edge of the property at the beginnning of twentieth century. The main access is located between these very different volumes. A pergola of wisteria defines the space that links the pre-existing and new stuctures. The treatment of the solid volumes, the changing and shitting sightlines and the use of a variety of materials- all these serve to create a complex space that is almost urban in effect. This is an agglomeration of buildings that interact and intersect, defining private spaces for the family and also more public areas for parties and receptions.

Project design: ELASTICO + Cesario Carena

Team: Stefano Pujatti, Simone Carena, Cesario Carena, Francisco Del Gado, Manuela Luis y Garcia, Luca Macrì, Davide Musmeci, Ester Musso, Cristina Negri, Giovanni Tironi

Client: Private

Size: 600 mq house + 200 mq garage

Progress: Built

Structural design: Studio Ing Cantamessa

Plant consultant: Luciano Ghia

Building contractor: Impresa Sandro Penna